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On the old site, it was always possible to see a full list of all plugins that could be organized in release date.  This was wonderful as it enabled me to rapidly see what the current state of my plugins are at.

Since the new one, I have to look a lot harder - and check my installed versions.  The effort involved is incalculable-ish. (joke)

Seriously though, I used to know that anything on the list later than the last date I got updates from needed to be downloaded - I do not seem to be able to do that right now./

Can we get this functionality back, or have I missed something blindingly obvious please?

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I'll second that.  I sorely miss the sorted by release date functionality too.

There is the "Updated products" tab available at the User Area that lists all latest updates for the plug-ins you own licenses for: it's the easiest way to look for updates, because this function tracks actually performed downloads.

And beside that, newer plug-in updates feature a "check for update" link in the Settings screen.

That doesn't address free plugs (for which licenses don't exist) and changes to plugs that you haven't licensed yet, but additional the functionality represented in an update might tip the scale towards a sale.

Listing plugs by release date was pretty simple.

I solely understand your concern.  The reason this listing was removed is because it's very long and usually generated a lot of "exits" - newcomers to that page found it uninteresting.

Probably, this limitation can be resolved by placing the link to this page to the User Area only - will add such link in the future.

"Exits" from this page should be understood and accepted.

You don't make releases every day, but that doesn't keep people from checking every day. "Frequent fliers" are only interested in the first few entries anyway...not the whole you might want to reduce traffic by only listing releases for the last 3 months (or the last 6 releases...or something like that) with a "More" button at the bottom in order to list them all.

OK, thanks for your insights.  This list will be returned, but accessible via the User Area.

Thanks Aleksey.

Much appreciated.

When will this be back?? (hassle, hassle) :)

BTW - Love the new compressor!!  Really fills a gap between Marquis (Surround version due soon??) and Crunchessor

Multichannel Audio Specialists

DVD-A, DVD-V Authoring

Mixing & Mastering to most formats

Can't tell when this feature will be back-hopefully quite soon.  Marquis will be updated to have surround capability, of course.

This feature is now up again.
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