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Welcome to this forum, do not hesitate to post any questions about web site's functionality.  You may also report any navigation problems or suggestions here.

Any chance you have an RSS feed to use in my main browser:


Rick Fisher

We have the news RSS feed already - for example, in Firefox the subscription option is clearly visible.  Or do you mean an RSS feed for some other features?

Hello ,

Thanks for the reply.  I'm not too swift with these things.  With some forums, I can find the RSS URL that I copy into my Yahoo homepage which then provides updated feeds directly on my homepage.



Well, it does not look like RSS feed is a popular feature - that's why I do not want to clutter the interface with an additional URL, also considering modern browsers have an icon for RSS feed if it's available on the web site.  I'm sorry for inconvenience.

Hi Aleksey!

I just put the address in my RSS news reader (FeedReader - freeware) and it resolve automatically the feed.

Now I can have news from Voxengo directly and simply on the reader...



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