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Hello Everybody,

I have bought Warmifier 1.4 few days ago and i need your advices about Mode 1 or Mode 2.

I am working currently with a rock trio with lots of pedals saturation effect on guit and bassguit, so the sound is a bit agressive ;-).

I have inserted Warmifier Smooth straight preset mode 1, between CurveEQ and Elephant but after a while i found the sound maybe too bright on drums.

I have load Warmifier with a 1khz sin. and yes the mode 1 bring harmonics to the signal far more "on the screen" than mode 2.

Please could you more describe the mode 2 and share some tips?

Best regards.


Mode 1 is kind of 'omni-level' mode.  It will add equal harmonic content to singals of any volume level.  Mode 2 is more 'natural' - it will add less harmonic coloration to softer sounds.

Thank you Aleksey this help me, there is so much to learn and try (and enjoy ;-) in this subjective domain...

I think i will use Smooth Mode 2 and take care of the incoming level.

Best regards.


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