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Okay, okay...I admit, I'm having some real problems getting the sound I want for vocals.  I'm hearing distortion.  Also, when I use Warmifier in Wavelab, it's causing major clipping.  I still like the product, but am such a simpleton, I just can't seem to figure it out!:)LOL....forgive my denseness!:)LOL

It should be said that you will always hear a distortion.  But you should decide whether this distortion is pleasant or not.  Compression is also a distortion, but it is usually pleasant than not.

Yes you're right Alexsey...I'm so used to the T-Racks sound, that I think it's just a matter of getting used to the warmifier sound.  I'd appreciate some setting suggestions though if you're able to send them my way.

I'm also wondering if I'm able to use Warmifier in Cubase?  It would be great to be able to apply the vocal settings in Cubase to individual Groups.  Right now I've only figured out how to use it in Wavelab.  Thanks!

I suggest you to check out presets.  Warmifier should work fine in any version of Cubase.

And it does!  I figured out the problem...I didn't have the .dll files in the right folder.  As I had them, they'd only work in Wavelab!!  The presets are all I need.  I especially like the vocals and deeper and warmer settings.  I use them in my vocal groups and guitar groups in Cubase and also use Voxformer on them too.  I especially like the combination of the "Deeper and Warmer" setting in Warmifier and the "Softer than Silk" Voxformer setting.

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