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Forums     Plugins     Warmifier Is it possible to bring back the psycho acoustic version?

No updates still as I have other things to do right now while I do not think this update is very urgent.  Thanks for asking!

Thanks for the reply Aleksey.  Any chances you could divulge what exactly the beta is doing that requires additional latency?  Also, hope everything is going well with your codebase port to Mac.  I'm sure your sales will rocket when Mac users get a taste of Voxengo!

Latency is introduced because one of the processing stage should be transformed from analog IIR to digital FIR form.


That transient "pumping" or slight 'hold' is exactly what I hear in it too and which I like very much on drums, just like you said.  You can also hear the difference quite clearly when using it on a whole mix (which I don't recommend though).



Nice to know I was not hearing things!  I couldn't tell on my crap multimedia speakers, but through my Sennheiser HD580s/headphone amp, I was picking up on some of that transient "absorbing" as I would call it.  Anyhow, it seems we will not see this feature included for some time now, but as long as Aleksey keeps making new innovative plugins, I don't care so much.

Yeah, I'm no hurry but I sure hope it will re-appear at some point.  I find it very usefull for single tracks like kick drum and electric guitars that play palm-damped notes.  It gives a certain 'edge' and feeling to the sound that I like.



Can someone please mail me a version of this old beta one?

It would be nice to hear for myself exactly what is being talked about here...


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What version [range] are we looking for - I have some old Warmifiers and would like to hear it too!

bump! :)

Indeed!!  Bumpety bump bump! :D
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