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Hi everybody.  I'm checking some voxengo demos and I have to ask for some clarifications.  Please keep in mind i'm mainly a bass player who starts do swim into audio productions waves.  Some of you keep on remarking about the sound colorations and how they're wonderful, but I just can't get quite the difference between a dry audio signal and one,say, passed thru the warmifier.  Yes, I can recognize the sound is more present and open, but I can't understand the processing enough to apply it sentiently and with a fair share of control.  Where should I start to sense the harmonic content of the processed sound?  I'm starting to get embarassed by my lack of understanding of a thing that seems so easy to many of you.

Sorry if my english is strange, but I'm Italian and my school days are over...

Understanding this topic can be really difficult.  For example some still tend to say Warmifier does not do anything useful to their sounds.  However, there IS difference.  For example, if you take a simple sinewave in a software synth you will quickly hear that it sounds dull alone.  But if you add some overdrive this simple sine immediately starts to sound 'fuller'.

Some bass players get accustomed to “more strong” coloration of their dry signal, so try to use two (or more) warmifiers in series or in parallel.
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