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To Alexey Vaneev.

My testing of Warmifier and Lampthruster showed that all present there tubes add a strong third harmonic.  My request is for implementation in these plugs a couple of tube styles, which would add only even harmonics and no odd ones.  I know that real tubes have that strong third harmonic and adding of only even harmonics may sound not exactly like the real thing and a kind of artificial.  But I want this artificial sound because even harmonics emphasize the original tone in upper octaves; on the contrary odd harmonics add not musical overtones, which are not welcomed for sounds with dense spectrum and for the full mix.  Alexey, can my request be realized?

You may try using free Tube Amp with the 'Warm' preset to get the second harmonic only.  In both Warmifier and Lampthruster it can be difficult for me to achieve that.  I'll see if I can add such modes.  Thanks for your request!

OK I'll try tube Amp but I'd like to use even harmonics with those great controls of Warmifier and Lampthruster - EQ, Drive, ...

OK, I understand.  If possible, I'll add such modes.

I've checked Tube Amp.  It adds only second harmonic if “Tube” knob is set to zero. “Bias” knob controls the amplitude of that second harmonic.  Waiting for new modes of Warmifier and Lampthruster.  Best Regards.
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