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Hi there!

I love the Warmifier very much but noticed that both Modes are still dependant on input level.

Wouldn't it be great if the Warmifier would have an input and output metering added to it?  I am very much in using metering systems for my work, I trust them and they make life a lot more easier (K-14 etc.).  If you can also consider only adding clip peak leds.

In general I think that an effect should have an input and output metering system, all VST effects I am using can be overdriven by a hot input signal.

I will add a clip led in the next version.  As for level meters, I suggest you to use some comprehensive plug-in for that, e.g.  Voxengo SPAN.

okay. great.  SPAN is causing a bit of extra overhead for me.  I am using RME digiCheck for these kind of things.

but adding a clip led is great news! thanks in advance!

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