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I just bought warmifier 1.3 today, and LOVE it!  Still learning the ins and outs of it, but this forum helps a lot.  I'm recording in 24 bit @ 44.1 in Cubase and mastering in Wavelabs.  I was using T-Racks 24 for mastering and wonder if I could still use it before going through Warmifier in Wavelab?  I also have Waves 3.5, and like the pre-edit limiter preset, and am wondering if it would be better to use it before or after using Warmifier the first time?  There's a final mix limiter preset in Waves that I like a lot...I read a post here where someone said you could get good results using Warmifier twice in the chain.  I typically use a filter, noise reducer, desser, deppoper, stereo imager, and limiters.  Any suggestions?  Sorry this post is so long...bear with me!



In your situation I think it's up to you where to put Warmifier.  I would put it after that pre-edit limiter.
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