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just one observation : today we tried to use warmifier on a piano&cello mastering (Morton Feldman).  This piece is very soft, quintuple piano to only mezzo forte, and we didn't record it full range either, as otherwise the CD would become much too loud anyway ...

We preferred warmifier on the standard settings, and added only 2 dB of HF.

We also compensated the output +0.6 dB.

We noticed on some silent slow piano solo passages very rude distortion (the level of the input signal between -60 and -70 dB) - something that reminds me of VERY nasty quantization distortion (something I didn't hear since 1996).

We also tried mode 2, and it was less, but I could swear it was still there.

If this normal behaviour (which would be a pity, as it really did sound better ...) so be it, if not I could search a good passage of about 10 seconds and mail it to you ?


Acoustic Recording Service bvba

Indeed, Warmifier may bring some distortion.  Yes, you may send me the soundclip (to which brings this distortion, along with the preset you are using.

It can be also true that this distortion has something to do with the settings.  I believe it is possible to find settings which do not show that much distortion while preserve the sound feel you are liking.

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