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Forums     Plugins     Warmifier Sigh, I feel like a bastard draggin this up again but..

I just opened an old project that has one of the very old betas and replaced them all with the newest version in mode 2.. wadda ya know, it doesn't sound at all the same or better.  I tried all the other old betas and the weird thing is, this one particular beta file (weird black background with 3 EQ knobs like in Gliss EQ) sounds way better than all the rest.  Dunno what it is but it kind of dips a little around 170-250hz and boosts the 70-90hz area and most notably it compresses the signal and enhances the transients a bit.

Now, I know you are a code guru so what I'm asking is, could you maybe take a look at this old beta file and just REMOVE the silence gap? no need to make a new warmifier or anything.. just remove the silence for me, aka, register it for me.  Pretty pretty please!  Heck, I could even PAY you some extra to get this exact version.  I might be wrong in the head but damn man.. this particular version just kicks major a**.

I did verify this with numerous ABX blindtests just to make sure I'm not insane and identified it on this particular tune 100%.  I don't know what it does to the drums on this beat but it's definately something good.

Let me know if you have any spare time to check this out.  I've got patience.

I did some more investigation.  The best sounding beta is actually the only version that has huge latency!  All the other versions have no latency at all.  Dunno if this helps you at all but as I'm bored and have nothing better to do than whine about this I figured I'd let you know ;) ..


It seems like you put somekind of 'look ahead' capability into this thing or maybe the EQ section was originally thought to be linear-phase?  It can respond to an extremely fast hard transient and 'compress' it somehow.  I rummaged trough the old kvr threads and the beta in question is the first one with an EQ section (which bugs like crazy btw. but when it's off everything works fine).


You can disable filter sections in current Warmifier.  They tend to color the result considerably.  In any case, I do not think this difference is that critical.  Warmifier works decently as it is I suppose.

jep, I've tried but it has nothing to do with colouring at all.  It has to do with dynamics.  One of the betas actually works as a compressor, with a very very nice squeeze.  Anyhow, I can live very well with the current warmifier too, it's just such a pity that the beta is "cripled" as I would happily use the beta but the silence after 30 seconds or so is nasty.



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