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I am enjoying Warmifier and GlissEQ a lot, as well as your new Pristine Space betas.  I understand PS is probably taking up all of your time right now, but I was wondering: after you release PS and finish the updates for CurveEQ/Elephant do you have any plans for new features/modes for Warmifier?  Sorry if you can't see that far into the future yet, I was just very excited at the idea of an alternate mode as bmanic described.

Actually, the newer version of Warmifier is ready.  It will be released a week after the release of Pristine Space.

Newer Warmifier features a better GUI (in Pristine Space style), processing mode 2 and on/off switches for FLT and EQ stages.  This gives a very large number of coloration combinations possible.

And I have to add here that I'm finally 100% happy with it too ;).  Thanks for putting the original algorithm in there again!  Now I can get it with confidence.  Btw.  I just rechecked the test files that I sent ya(that Alanis Morisette clip) and man, it's such a minimal difference.  I did some blind tests and only got 2/3 correct.



Good about the Pristine Space style GUIs.  In my opinion this is the best style to use on all your plugins.
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