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Hello !

I´ve tried the Warmifier in a Mastering setup :

Warmifier, Soniformer, UAD-Camebridge, Elephant HQ and the again

another Warmifier:

The Warmifier is a great progress in the digital-world !

The Warmifier looks cold, but its sound is so warm, smooth and clear !

It would be nice to have an "Output-Overload-Lamp" and maybe a nicer GUI.

Today I will buy it !

Thanks to aleksey for this great work !

OK, thanks for feedback, though it's strange you are using Warmifier after Elephant limiter.

Yes, GUI is simplistic, but currently it's the only way for me to release something quick.

Yes !

I was trying out the "Warmifier" after the Elephant.

In that way I can "push" the "Elephant" a little bit more.

And the Warmifier makes the results sounding smooth.

But the output at the Warmifier was set to -2dB to have a little headroom.

Then after rendering everything, I normalize the track.

But it would be better to see, what is happening to the Warmifier`s output


Why don't you simply use Warmifier just before Elephant?

I `ve had the idea, that the last thing in a mastering-setup must be the

smoothest thing.  And in that combination it sounds for me like a tube-limiter.

For me, the effect of smoothing is greater when the "more powerful audio material" of the Elephant`s output is going to the Warmifier.

But I will do some more testings in the other way, too, at times.

OK, this 'tube-limiter' idea makes sense I guess.

It makes a lot of sense, maybe not theoretically but in practise I agree very much to what Ralf said.  I've also tried the warmifier after a limiter (Waves L2 at school and Elephant demo 1.3 at home).

Ralf, You'll LOVE the sonalksis EQ after Elephant!  Now THAT thing smooths stuff like crazy :).  Try the demo as it's fully functional.  A chain that seems to work well is Limiter (aka elephant, L2) --> Warmifier --> Sonalksis --> Final Dither --> Bounce.

Probably doesn't make much sense technically but it does sound better than leaving the Limiter last..



Seems like you guys have found the 'sweet zone' for Warmifier by adjusting its input level using Elephant !  Cool !


bManic, I would try to test the Sonalksis EQ in that way.  But I have installed the demo many weeks ago.  And now my trial time is over.

But I found the sound of the UAD-Cambridge or the EQ-Section in the

Lampthruster is much smoother than the Sonalksis-one.  But I have not tested that thing after a final limiting.

Greetings !



If you haven't installed Sonalksis 1.2 yet you get ANOTHER 30 days free :).  So if you used version 1.0 you can go get 1.2 right now hehe.. it's amazing, 60 days free trial.

Also, Sonalksis sweetens the output just by inserting it on a track without touching any EQ bands.  You can even switch off all the EQ bands (but not the red bypass button) and get the smooth sound.  It really does something wonderful to the sound nearly every time.  Inserting 2 or more in series can screw up some transients (especially low frequency things like layered kick drums etc.) which is a shame as the EQ only has 4 bands + LP&HP filters.

Anyways, for final stage in the master chain it's only there for sweetening so no EQ needed :).



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