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Just bought this today!  Definately helping to warm things up this winter.  Thanks for the great programming and intro-pricing.  Now I know I have bugged you about this before, but have you any ideas to an approach simulation tape-saturation?  PSP Vintagewarmer is nice, but does not sound like tape to me, too harsh.  Magneto by Steinberg works *ok*, but only on drums, I don't think it sounds good enough on other sources and definately not on the summing buss.  I can't try out the Cranesong Phoenix since I do not use ProTools.  It seems the effect could be broken down into some alteration of phase to smear the sound slightly, a little eq, compressing the highest frequencies, and adding some 2nd order harmonics (others too?).  Warmifier sounds great so far on my VSTis and guitar, but I still think nothing beats drums overloading on tape.  I have tried using Studer tape impulses in combination with the Soniformer tape-compression setting, but this involves much latency and cpu.  I would be happy to help in any way developing a solution (mainly in providing info).  Anyway, kudos on the very quick development of Warmifier!

PS- a bit off topic, but have you considered making any of your other plugins besides CurveEQ skinable?  I am a fan of your simple and easy to read GUIs but I would love to play around with the graphics on warmifier or any other plugins (of course I would upload any skins to you).

Glad you liked Voxengo Warmifier!  I don't plan to implement skins for any other plug-ins, sorry for that.

As for tape saturation, again, I don't know of a way to create it.  First of all, I don't have any vintage tape machine here with me, and secondly I've never seen any indepth research of such gear.  So, can't say anything for sure right now.

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