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Hi I'm using Warmifier on a bass vst and it sounds superb, however every time I enable the plugin the bass is shifted slightly late thus throwing the groove of the song way out.

Can't imagine this is a coding oversight.  Would love to have the problem fixed so I can continue using this awesome little weapon!

I'm in London doing sessions and i'm currently working off the PC using FL Studio 11.

Can provide audio samples if needed.

This may be FL Studio's issue.  Please contact their staff for a solution.

Hi thank you for your reply.  I have asked FL studio staff and they suggested I talk to you guys.

When I go to plug settings FL Studio is registering is 1733 samples of latency, is this correct?

On the product page it states "40ms compensated processing latency"

When delay all other tracks (minus the Warmifier one) by 40ms I seem to be back in time, or at least audibly much closer.

Could there be a problem with Warmifier not communicating the extra 40 ms processing latency?

Please don't mistake my inquisition for snobbery or discontent.  I think you have a fantastic product here, would just really like to use it how it was intended to be used.

Warmifier does report its latency (you see it).  I suggest you to try various versions of Warmifier - VST3 as well.

On the other hand, I've did found an issue with latency - Warmifier seems to add 1 to 3 milliseconds of latency when 4X and 8X oversampling is used.  I will fix it in the next update.

I see it reports latency.  My question is does it report enough?  Is it reporting 40 ms short?

I have uploaded a dry and wet example.

I'm sure you can hear the difference?

P.S.  I tried both x64 and VST3 with the same results.

Thank you for your continued help I really appreciate it : )

1773 samples is 40ms at 44100.

From your example file it seems that FL Studio is compensating 80ms of latency instead of just 40ms.

I suggest you to report this issue to FL Studio staff, maybe they have some bug.

It seems so.  Would you consider writing a version that does not report latency to FL studio?

I think FL studio is adding 40 ms on top of the 40 ms you have already told it to.  Maybe if you don't report latency FL Studio can figure it out alone?

I can't do that without breaking it in other host audio applications.
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