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What is happening when the clip indicator goes on?  Is it imperative that this never goes on, or is occasional clipping ok?



Nothing wrong happens when the clip indicator is on - it simply indicates that a single sample value went over 0dBFS - this may be problematic only if the plug-in stays last in the processing chain on the master bus.  Generally, it's just a reminder that the signal level is probably too high and may not fit usual level meters.

I have Warmifier just before Elephant, and I have been using it like an enhancer...adjusting the treble and bass to taste.  The clipping indicator goes on more frequently as I adjust these settings so I suppose Warmifier is adding gain to the signal and warning me that this is so.  As long as I have Elephant at the end, it should be fine, correct?  It looks and sounds fine when mastered...I just wasn't sure if it was introducing a bit of distortion (the bad kind).

Thank you,


Yes, Elephant will take care of the overshoots.
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