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hello,i would like to know if you plain to port soon warmifier on os x ,because i need a warmifier and i don't if i must buy ozone 3 (or 4) or wait for warmifier...Thank you.

Warmifier is planned for port, but this won't happen very soon since I have several other plug-ins to port.  I'm talking about several months.

hi Aleksey..

if and when u update warmifier, are u going to implement linear phase oversampling or the other one?

I have not decided on that, but probably I will interconnect the existing "LinPhase" switch with oversampling function so that when the "LinPhase" is enabled, oversampling will be also linear-phase.

o man..thats great news.. i wanted to hear exactly that.. thanx

i hope that u do add a crossover filter(like in varisaturator) so we can apply the effect on specific frequencies

Since Warmifier is designed to be subtle (much more subtle than VariSaturator), I won't include the cross-over filter in Warmifier.

ahaan...thats ok
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