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Hi, I've been demoing the warmifier plugin and though I get great results Im noticing that material processed by the plugin gets is phased warped.  This may not be an issue on certain material but lets say I have a bass DI and bass amp track and Id like to use warmifier on the Bass DI. after processing my, bass DI track is totally out of phase with my bass amp track, maybe others.  If processing drums there could be lots of issues there.

I know that I can get this track back in phase with other tracks by using for example your PhA-979 plugin, but would it not be possible that processing with warmifier retains the original phase or post processing the output phase is matched to input?

great plugins. enjoying analogflux suite immensely. thanks.

cheers -patrik

Please use Warmifier's "lin phase" mode which can be on the help screen by pressing the "?".

Hi Aleksey, thanks for the reponse.  I've also tried this but I still get out of phase signal.  Very apparent on bass rich material.

Make sure your audio host application correctly compensates for plug-in's latency.

Yes Im using Cubase SX3 which has full latency delay compensation and is on.  I did the following test after suspecting some phase issues happening on bass guitar.  I took a 100hz sine way copied it to two tracks, set volume to equal, made sure they were in phase, (sound cancels out when i flip the phase of one track).  Now when i insert warmifier with lets say the default preset I get 5.5db attenuation on the master fader.  This is with or without lin phase mode (Actually attenuation is less without lin phase mode.)

Now I can get the phase corrected by inserting your PHA-979 plugin but it seems counter productive to have to use 2 plugins each time and also try to figure out the correct phase setting.

This does not happen with Lampthruster, Varisaturator or Tube amp but it DOES also happen with LF Punch and LF max.

Well, this is to be expected, in both Warmifier, LF-Punch and LF-Max because these plug-ins do apply filtering in the lower frequency area.  This is inherent feature of their algorithms and their sound.

okay. thanks.

You are welcome!
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