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I would just like to say how incredibly impressed I am with the Warmifier.  I've just purchased it after taking it on a trial run (along with quite a few other competing products - some of which cost 3 times the price).  I actually upgraded my version of Acoustica so that it could run this Warmifier plugin (the earlier version did not support the VST plugin architecture).

I am especially impressed by the sheer quality of the sound, but also the transparency of the plugin (of course that might seem contradictory, but it isn't).  The valve selection option is quite unbelievable - I have not seen this anywhere else.  I seem to have decided that my favourite is the 6DJ8 - it seems to be just the perfect solution for the old classical recordings which I am processing.

I am quite amazed that it sells for the price it does.  Although I am only using it in the capacity of an amateur hobbyist, to my ears the results are right up there in the professional league.  That has nothing to do with my abilities but everything to do with the quality of this product.

Thank you for making it available!

Thank you for your feedback very much!
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