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During my mastering setup I often use in this order the following VST plug-ins:

1.  Crunchessor or Soniformer;

2.  CurveEQ 1 (for EQ);

3.  CurveEQ 2 (for gear);

4.  OvertoneEQ;

5.  Elephant followed by dither plug.

I am wondering if there is redundency if I use Warmifier in the chain because CurveEQ has V1-7 and gear options that are tube emulation?  If I use Warmifier, where should it be in the chain?  Any thoughts would be appreciated.

I am asking this proir to even downloading the Warmifier demo which I am about to do and test listen.

I've downloaded the demo and with all of the plugs (mentioned above) in HQ mode is straining my CPU but I have reduced quality (oversampling) of Elephant from x4 to x2 and I can playback songs.  Inital impression - Warmifier can enhance sonics quite nicely.

Sorry to rattle on...and answer my own questions but I printed and read the manual where it is suggested that Warmifier should be inserted prior to the limiter in mastering applications.

Hi Aleksey,

I just purchased Warmifier.  Thank you for another nice "device".  I have two questions.

1.  Relating to High/Normal Quality option - Auto mode: Can you tell me if Cubase 4 "reports back when entering the offline processing mode"?

2.  Do any of the Voxengo plug-ins mentioned above flip the phase by 180 degrees?  The reason I ask is I took one song and exported various mix versions with different Voxengo plug-ins and I noticed when importing the wav files back into Cubase that some versions were 180 degrees out of phase compared to others and I am not sure why.

Thank you in advance.

Warmifier is for sure a very different process to CurveEQ's 'gear' functions.  So, they can't be compared, or can be interchangable.

Warmifier does shift phase - but it is not an exact 180 degree phase shift.  It is a shift induced by the whole process.

As for the 'Auto mode', unfortunately, I'm not sure about Cubase 4.  I will have to check this out.
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