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This topic was created before release of the latest product version, and it may contain details irrelevant to this version.  Replying is disabled for this topic.

I bought VoxFormer recently and it is by far the best plugin I found for vocals.  It is one of the most innovative plugins I saw recently.

Before VoxFormer, I used on vocal tracks: trackplug (for gate) and ultrafunk multiband.  But now Voxformer provides a better and more comprehensive alternative.  I used to do exactly the same kind of processing with the ultrafunk multiband (big compression < 1 Khz and add presence with a gain on the high frequency band) but it is quite a CPU hog.

A very cool feature is the quality setting, that is so great to work in real time + bounce.

I am very happy with the results I got that far with VoxFormer but I have some suggestions for future versions:

- I like the fully auto compressors, they sound as you expect compressors to sound without the fussing with parameters (the auto algorithm is amazing) !  But I wish there could be: a possibility to tune the ratio and threshold for some cases and more visualisation (input + compression level).

- Be able to listen to compressors A and B separatly (could that be possible in the "listen" list) ?

- More visualisation with the gate would be extremely helpful, I find it challenging to tune

- More global visualisations: input + output levels and eventually input gain

Kudos for your amazing work (and incredible price) !!!!!!


Glad Voxformer works for you!

As for your suggestions, ratio and threshold parameters cannot be adjusted in the algorithm used.

I'll add the listen Comp A and Comp B options.

I'll see what I can do with the gate viz.  There is a limit of UI space and that's why it's not so easy to add such visualisation.

As for input/output levels monitoring, I do not really want to waste resources for this.  Level meters in most of the cases are available in the host audio application already.

Thanks for ideas!

Thanks for listening to suggestions !!!!

I look forward for the comp a and b in the listen :-)

And talking about the compression... what does the compressors knob value mean ? it is threshold ?

I could live without in/out visualization.  Would an input gain be a possibility ?

I'm thinking about in.gain knob...If only I could find a place for it.

Compressor knob works in pretty the same mode as for example 'Drive' knobs in guitar amplifiers.

Somebody might have suggested this but I would like to have disable buttons for comp A, comp B, gate, saturate, De-Ess, presence section and eq section.  Turn the texts into buttons and it won't even take more space.  Then if I want to hear the effect that for example the saturation has on the sound I can just click the "SATURATE" text and switch it off.  This way the knob will keep my settings and I can still turn the sections off.  When turned off the corresponding texts can be grey as the values are when the knob is turned to -inf.  The EQ disable button could be in the upper left corner of the eq graph and the Inv, Rst, Spd and Slope next to it.  Or in the right corner next to the Slope.

The plugin is the best of it's kind but this way it would be just a little bit better.  Atleast for me. :)

Janila, thanks for idea.  I'll see if I can implement it conveniently.  As for EQ module off switch, it is already available (EQ Mode=Off).

Ah, so it is. :) I'm new to this plugin and I didn't yet have a reason to change the EQ mode.  It would still be a bit more convenient as a push button next to the EQ section as the drop menus are always a bit tacky when instant action is needed.  They work fine for the other Voxformer fuctions, IMHO.

Janila, after a bit of thought I have decided not to implement these switches as from my point of view they will add too many additional controls without much benefit.  Auto on/off modules are easier to get around even though this way you can't perform A/B comparison conveniently.  But if you really need to check the effect of some module you can still use Copy+A|B buttons on top.

Ok, I have to deal with that.  Thanks for the concern anyway. :)
This topic was created before release of the latest product version, and it may contain details irrelevant to this version.  Replying is disabled for this topic.