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I have the 64 bit version dll installed in my vst folder for ableton live 9...  It is not showing up though at all?  My Elephant and Crunchessor plugins are showing up, but this one including the others will not.  Anyone else have a similar issue?

You'll have to install 32-bit version of the plug-in, because Ableton 9 is not 64-bit host to my knowledge.

no its on 64 bit ableton, sorry I did not specify that.  I am running a 64 bit version of Elephant and Crunchessor.  Those are the only two that are showing up... its really confusing me.

Everything works fine on 32 bit, I'm just trying to get these plugins to show up on 64 bit

Sorry, I have no idea what's wrong then.  Please contact Ableton staff, maybe they can help you.
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