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Voxformer is just what I need (amazing VST!) for my Audio Forensics application.  For some reason, I'm unable to persist and restore the Presence-Mode and DC Filter.  Presence-Mode always restores as 'Bright' and I need it on 'Warm'. (?)

When run (trial version 2.7) in FL Studio, it seems to recall Presence 'Warm' just fine.

I'm using Visual Studio 2008 and BASS.Net to write the software.  I rely on VST methods to save and restrore.

Can you hazard a guess at what I'm doing wrong?


You are probably forgetting to save plug-in's state, or relying on automation signals while both Presense and DC Filter modes are not automatable.

Sorry, I don't understand what you mean by automatable.

All settings except Presence-Mode and DC-Filter were saving and restoring fine.

I am using what appears to be a VST 2.4 version library for my Software.

Would purchase of an 'older' version of your product (aimed at VST 2.4 standards) allow me to save-restore those settings?


I'm assuming you are loading and saving the state of the plugin from your own application, not an application like Reaper.  However, plug-in saves its state correctly and fully in Reaper, Cubase, Logic Pro and other applications.  There is no problem in Voxformer as far as I know.

Voxformer is available in VST2.4 form only.

Thanks very much for your help.
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