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Hi, quick question.  I was wondering about the meters in the compressor section of the plugin.  Right now I don't know how afraid I should be of hitting red lights on the meter considering that all the values are RMS and I don't have a control of the ratio.  Would really like to know what happens at or after the red light, since right now it's kinda hard for me to know what's going on with all the background automation happening.  Is there a limiter feature hidden in there too?  And if I bring down the input levels to keep things out of the red will the ratio adjust so that I'm still compressing as hard?

Just really want to know what's behind the curtain, cause right now I'm a bit scared...  Thanks!

Red light on the *compression* meter is not indicative that clipping is happening.  You should look at the output level meter which is straightforward to see if clipping would happen or not.

So you're saying that the compression red light is not clipping unless it also shows on the master?  I guess I was concerned with overloading happening internally within the plugin more than clipping going from the plug to the DAW -which is indeed really easy to catch.  Do you think that any internal clipping would take place between the compression part of the plug and the output part, or is this not possible and I'm just stressing over nothing? :)

In any case I really appreciate the fast response and love your plugs!

Voxformer does not perform any additional clipping "behind the scenes".
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