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Nor sure what happened but cubase is not seeing Voxformer 2.4 any more.  I did a system update to Windows 7 64 pro.  It sees the old version but not the new version.  I've tried unpacking the zip file into my vst folder leaving thr .dll in the folder as well as moving the ,dll file into the with the other plug ins as well. any idea?


Also, is there ever going to be RTAS versions of your plugins?

Make sure you are matching Voxformer's bit version and Cubase's bit version.  Direct RTAS versions are planned, but may not appear soon.  So far the reports from VST-RTAS adapter users are positive.

Thanks Alesky :)

I did get it to work after a few more tries.  Wasen't aware of the VST to RTAS adapter.  Any idea where I can find it?  Ditching Cubase after this last song and going Pro Tools as my main host immediately following.  Sure would miss not being able to use your great plugs !


You may find the VST-RTAS adapter here:
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