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I am trying the Voxformer, and I keep getting gaps on the track that contains the vocals.

The gaps are about half a second long, around 2 or 3 times on this 3-minute track, and

always in different places of the track.

I used the Telephone preset first, then i wondered if it happens with some of the other presets too, and it does.

I can't figure that it's a physical limitation of my computer, the cpu usage is always lower

than about 40 percent, I also tried the highest latency setting (4096) that I can select on

my audio interface.  The project isn't huge, only 4 drum tracks, one bass track, and the

mentioned vocal track, and I never experienced similar holes in my other projects with any kind of plugin.  What's wrong, or what am I doing wrong?

Or is this just an intentional limitation of the demo version?

By the way, I like the sound and the possibilities of this plugin very much, but a problem

like that is of course a show stopper that keeps me from buying it.



HP Pavilion Vista Home Premium

Motherboard: ASUS P5LP-LE

Processor: Intel Pentium D925 Dualcore 3.00 GHz

RAM: 3 GB, Harddisk: 1 x 320GB, 1 x 1TB

Audio-Interface: M-Audio Fasttrack Pro

Software: Cubase AI 5

The gaps are intentional.  It's a demo limitation.  The gaps go away after you pay for it.

As dantarbill replied, the gaps is an intentional demo limitation.  Moreover, the plug-in warns about it by displaying red-colored notification at the bottom of the user interface periodically.

edit: red warning is displayed in the newer released plug-ins.

D'oh!  I missed that completely ("muted every 45 seconds" when the mouse is over the Demo button).  But maybe this topic will prevent the next dumb user from disassembling

his computer :)

So this is a case for my credit card then.

Thank you for replying.

You are welcome!
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