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I am checking out several of the fine Voxengo plugs and, aside from trial version limitations, they are wonderful.  However, they only show up as available on stereo tracks in Pro Tools 7.4.  I wrapped the Mac VST plugs to show up as RTAS.  No problem there.  Just can't seem to find mono versions when going to insert on mono tracks.  Likewise, all the metering in the pictures on the website appears to be stereo.  Particularly on a channel strip like Voxformer, I would expect a mono insert.  Any advice?  Thanks,


To my knowledge, you can enable plug-in's mono operation by setting the "canMono" switch to "Yes" in the VST-RTAS wrapper.  Beside that, you'll probably need to load "Force Mono" routing preset in the plug-in itself.

Thank you!  I was unaware of the "canMono" function.  I am now able to demo your products in mono.  Superb.

You are welcome!
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