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I have a FEW questions if that's okay.

First.  I love the PlugIn, its the only one I consistently use and get a huge "wow" factor particularily with the "In Your Face" preset.  Does anybody have any suggestions for presets similar to "In Your Face"?  I've tried others but none quite have that punch and brightness.

And of course, I'm sure a lot of us are wondering, do you have any plans to release a new Voxformer anytime soon?  Just curious to see what's happening @ the labs of Voxengo.

Voxformer update will be released in the future, but there are no plans to produce any different major verison of Voxformer - no much need in it at the moment, it's technically up to date and sells.

That makes sense.  I'm also considering getting the convolution reverb plug-in.  How would you say that compares to a hall reverb?  Or is it pretty suttle?

Convolution reverb can recreate almost any kind of reverb sound, not only hall.
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