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Forums     Plugins     Voxformer Can't get demo to work in FL Studio 9

I installed in into the VST directory.  Opened up the plugin manager, enabled it in the mixer.  Then I get this message "There was a problem opening up Voxformer for an unknown reason.  Please make sure it has been installed correctly"

I'm running Win 7 64-bit, 4g ram, Intel duo-core processor.

Thanks for any help, also tried running Fl in compatibility mode, XP SP2

It works fine here (tried FL Studio 9.0.3).  You should probably use the "More..." option in FLStudio and enable Voxformer first.

I did enable it.  Thanks though.

I suggest you to install Win64 and Win32 versions of Voxformer (depending on the one you've installed now).

i did download the win 64 version of it.  I'll retry though :)

You'll probably need win32 version then, because FL Studio 9 is not a native win64 application to my knowledge.
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