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I've just purchased the voxformer after trying the demo an all i can say is it's a truly beautiful plugin!  I needed a replacement plug for my waves ssl4k channel strip when i don't want to bring my ilok and i found it in the Voxformer.  Your plug did the job better than any of the ones i tried, and believe me i've tried all channel strip plugins out there.  However... i have a small feature request: a second output saturation mode with predominantly 2:nd order distortion.  I guess it wont happen but i thought i would give my two cents.  Any way thanks for a great pice of engineering!  Happy holidays!!


Thanks for your feedback!  I will probably add new saturation modes in one of the next Voxformer updates - but not soon.

I've got it!

Ok, my raving about distortion continues...  After trying a demo of Gliss-eq I discoverd that the filter type peaking hrm has the distortion sound i'm after!  Wouldn't it be nice to add the peaking hrm filter type to the voxformer :D Guess it's probably easier to implement than new saturation modes..?  Well both gilss-eq and deft compressor is in my shopping cart.  I'ts just a question of time!  Oh, and a phase reversal switch would be nice to.  Take care!


I have no much desire to add this filter type of Voxformer so that it does not compete with GlissEQ much - simply use GlissEQ if you like such sound.  For phase-reversal and other useful features for mixing please check out PHA-979.

Well, I really understand that.  It's just that I'm a channelstrip junkie and want it all in one :-) Off to buy the gliss eq then.  Keep up the good work!


One of my most used Voxengo plug-ins (besides Cakewalk's Perfect Space).

Voxformer really took a shine when you went from version 1 to version 2.

It works perfectly for controlling vocal tracks and getting them to sound upfront yet smooth without putting 5 plug-ins in my effects bin.

The oversampling also makes a big difference in increasing the quality of the plug-in (as well as for all of the Voxengo plug-ins that have this feature).  I go to 2x usually.

Thank you for your opinion!
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