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Forums     Plugins     Voxformer Not able to register in VISTA

I'm trying to register Voxformer with my key in vista.  I don't get any error message, but i can't use the plugin in Audition 3.  I have already done the registration as administrator.

Please advise.



Which Voxformer version are you using now?

I'm using Voxformer 1.9.

Quoting Q57 from : "You will need to temporarily disable UAC for user accounts in Vista and then re-register the plug-ins.  Please run the "Register" shortcuts with administrator rights - this can be done by right-clicking on the shortcut."

UAC is already off, but i still can't register the product.  Any other idea?

Ok.  3 try.  Now it works !!  Thanks a lot.

You are welcome!
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