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Hello.  I downloaded the Voxformer demo about a week ago.  Firstly, I have to say that it is brilliant.  We recorded the singer in our band in a commercial studio at the beginning of the summer and I've been mixing it in with the instrument tracks for the last month, using separate EQ, compression, de-essers etc (there is a LOT of syballence) but have only managed in some cases to make the vocal sound worse.  Voxformer has totally transformed my approach, because the presets (female vocal, smooth as silk) work so brilliantly on her voice.  So, thank you - you've saved my bacon.

Anyway, the demo says vers 2.2 - is this the newest version? - when I buy the full version at the end of the week - do I need to d-install this and reinstall the full version or can I just let it be and enter the product key? (does that appear in an email?).

Also - where in the chain should it be?  If I want to add reverb do I do this before the voxformer or after?  And also, I have used a limiter as the very last thing on the vocals.  I read somewhere on the forum that this is not normal practice?

Anyway - excellent work on voxformer; it's reasonably priced which is one of the reasons I was drawn to it in the first place.  Several hundred pounds - as some similar products are - is a bridge too far for us.


Version 2.2 is currently the latest version available.  When you purchase the license, nothing changes technically - you only need to enter the product key in the "Settings" window of the plug-in.

Voxformer is best placed first - before reverb in any case.  I do not think limiter is needed on vocals.  Limiter is usually placed on the whole mix.

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