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first thanks a lot for the voxformer update, that's one of the best update I know.

I just have a suggestion for the gate mode editor.  I'm actually found it very powerful but also a litlle hard to use, especially the freq 1-2 and 2-3 knobs.  I really like the frequency split of de la mancha thr33some and believe It could be very easy to use with voxformer.

freq splitter image

anothe suggestion , a mute or solo button for each band could help a lot for when you tweak one particular band.

thanks a lot for reading and again congratulations for the new voxformer !


I'm sorry for not answering your message immediately - I've read it and understood before just forgot to write an answer.  I will add this to my to do list.  However, I will implement "band mute" only as implementing a frequency line requires higher efforts than I would like to put in just this gate editor which is too much "special" anyway.

sound good !  I'm agree the band mute is the more essential feature.  It can really help without changing the gate editor.

thanks a lot !


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