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I am trying to grasp the multi-channel operation.  For each insertion, another instance is needed.  Can multiple DAW tracks be processed discretely by one instance of the plug-in?  Do some DAWs support this and not others?  Or is this simply a fallacy of mine?

Processing several tracks with one instance of the plug-in is possible, but is not usually supported by hosts.  Only modular hosts (like EnergyXT and AudioMulch) offer such functionality.

Thanks.  Exactly what I wanted to know.  Voxformer is so useful I need it everywhere.  It would help manage things to have a "quad" plug-in - but I understand that's a host issue.  That said, does multi-track processing reduce CPU usage?

Processing via single instance is only marginally more effective than using several instances of the plug-in.  CPU usage depends on a raw track count you are processing and Voxformer's settings.
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