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I purchased Voxformer a couple of days ago.  I use Nuendo 3 and I'm on a PC.  When I try to use the Voxformer in Nuendo, I can hear the plugin working, but I cant see the actual settings.  When I opened it in Wavelab I could see it.  Anyone have any advice?  Thank you!

I'm sorry for the problem.  This problem seems rare and is probably related to Nuendo3 in some way - I have never encountered it myself in a majority of modern VST hosts (except Nuendo3, because I do not have its license).

If you have some spare minutes I can send you another (development) version of Voxformer with some internal elements adjusted in the hope this problem goes away in Nuendo.  Please contact me via if you are interested.  It's OK if you do not like this idea - in that case I can refund your order.

hi Aleksey. is this problem confirmed with nuendo4 aswell or is it related to version3 only?

I'm unable to confirm the problem - it was not reported from anyone else to date.

Problem with Voxformer 2.3/2.3 and Edius 4.6/5.5


I have been using Voxengo Voxformer 1.7 together with Edius 4.6 very successfully.

Two month ago I upgraded to Voxformer 2.3 and found out that it doesn’t work with Eduis 4.6 anymore.  I can hear a kind of grumble from my loudspeakers, that’s all.

An upgrade to 2.4 didn't change anything.  The software seems to work, because the EQ Gauge is working.  Additionally I tested unsuccessfully Voxformer 2.4 with Edius 5.5.  None of the above combinations was working.

What am I doing wrong here?  May it be that Voxformer 2.4 doesn't work with Edius together anymore?

Please be so kind and advice what I need to change or do to make get a running Product.

There is a problem in Edius exist which I have reported to Edius staff.  Voxformer 2 itself is working correctly, but Edius handles its capabilities incorrectly.  I suggest you to contact Edius staff, too, to get any information on the progress of this fix.

Hello Aleksey,

thank you for your answer.  I will contact Edius asap and ask for a status.


Hello Aleksey,

see below for answer from Edius.

Anyway, what do I do with my Version 2.3 Voxformer?  What am I going to do with my license of your software?  Status is, I cannot use it, because of problems and help is expected earliest end of the year.  But even end of the year is unclear!  So to me it was a waste of money!

fyi answer from edius/grass valley

Problem EDIUS 4.6/5.5 with VST Voxformer 2.4 - Technical Support Request

Dear Customer,

I have had confirmation from Japan that this issue is confirmed and being looked into.  Our developers are now changing the code within EDIUS to allow for the next generation of VST code which is what the Voxengo plug-ins are using.

This is aimed for the next version of EDIUS, but at this time there is no release date set for this, but we would imagine it is later this year.

Best Regards,


I will do a refund - please send me a message via Support.
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