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I just installed v2.0 on two different machines.  On my laptop (Lenovo Z61p using either the native Trackpoint "eraser head" gizmo or a garden variety USB, two button "wheel" optical mouse), it works just fine.  That is to say that you can grab EQ nodes and move them to where you want and the rotary controls work in an intuitive fashion.  On my desktop machine however (an older HP machine with an AMD 64 proc and a equally garden variety USB mouse) the mouse controls are pretty chaotic.  When you grab an EQ node and try to move it, it moves way out of proportion to the move you thought you made.  When you try to correct it by moving in the opposite direction, it keeps on going farther in the original direction and ends up getting pegged against the edge of the EQ display.

This is the first time I've seen this behavior on your new platform plugs. (Actually, it seems that this is the first of the new generation plugs that has an EQ node that might be the difference.) What spooks me is why it is so whacked on my desktop machine, and just fine on my laptop.


Thanks for reporting this problem - we'll check it out.  It may be due to some bug in the code.  Is this problem reproducible, or happens occasionally on your desktop machine?

I only tried it once in a session last night on a project hosted in WaveLab 4.x right after I installed and registered the plug in...but the bizarre behavior persisted throughout the session. (I came to the point of just typing in values rather than using mouse moves.)

I'm away from that machine right now.  I won't be able to recheck my results until I get back home tonight.  I'll let you know tomorrow morning (US Pacific Daylight Time) if the behavior persists after a reboot (and in another host (i.e.  SONAR)).

There are other devices on the desktop that might have some sort of influence.  I'm also running a USB Contour Shuttle Pro, a USB Frontier TranzPort and a wireless USB keyboard.  The wireless keyboard receiver used to also host a wireless mouse...but the mouse suffered a hardware failure, so I've fallen back to using a wired USB mouse instead.

OK, thanks for the information.

I got the same odd behavior when I opened an instance of Voxformer 2.0 in SONAR 8.3.1 for the first time.  When I closed SONAR and reopened it, the behavior would no longer manifest.

It would appear that the first time you open Voxformer 2.0 in a given host and use the mouse to adjust EQ nodes, you get the chaotic behavior.  The next time you open that host and use a Voxformer instance in it, it’s fine.  This would lead me to believe that there is something about the state data that is saved about Voxformer for the host that is missing or incorrect the first time through, but is subsequently resolved.

When the problem manifests, it seems that the mouse moves are over sized and late.  That is to say, when you change directions, it takes a little bit for the message to get to the app.  It’s as if the app is getting the mouse move events at twice the X/Y magnitude, but half the rate.  Sort of like the app is getting all of the events…but it’s only handling them at half the rate it should be getting them.

Hope this helps.

Other than that...I LOVE the improvements you've made...particularly the "drill down" idea to expose the lesser used controls.

OK, thanks for these details!


I have purchase V2 and try it this morning, the knob does not response well, making dangerous jump of level.

The mouse wheel is not active.

(Same with sound delai plug in)

All previous Voxengo work fine.


franck: I have purchase V2 and try it this morning, the knob does not response well, making dangerous jump of level.

Please contact me via - I have a preliminary update version which may fix this problem.

Note to those reading this topic - this issue will be fixed in the next upcoming update v2.1.
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