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What else should I get besides the Voxformer, which I will be purchasing shortly.  I have Nuendo 2.1 and a M-Audio firewire 1814.  I will mainly be recording Hip-Hop and R&B vocals.



That depends on your audio FX needs.  If you are going to process vocals only, Voxformer is probably all you need.  If you are going to mix various tracks with various instruments I suggest you to check out plug-ins in various relevant Product Groups (Guitars, Drums, Synths).

I personally recommend the Marquis and GlissEQ for an alternative sound on vocals :D

The Marquis will do a lot lot more than vocals for your tunes though, in fact, when it comes to rap beats and electronic music, the Marquis is by far, the best tool I have in my arsenal !!  It can make sounds completely come alive including vocals, drums and mixes.  The GlissEQ is the most transparent EQ I have heard in mixing that hardly ever leads to a harsh sound, definitely useful on some particular vocalists or on tracks and full mixes.

Just my 2 cents :D

Good luck with your music


Thanks for the advice, do you us Marquis on individual instruments or on do you bus it out on the entire drum track or overall output bus?

F.Y.I.  I us Nuendo 2.2 and Reason 3.0.  I am satisfied with the the Scream device and the Comp 2 compressors in Reason.  If I used another compressor am afraid my music will sound squashed.i don't even use the M CLass compressor for this Reason.  I rewirevthe stereo pairs out of Reason into Nuendo and everything sounds okay to me.I also get good results from Ozone by Izotop, (on overall mixes).

Can't wait to install the full version of Voxformer, (my DAW is not connected to the internet).

Have a good weekend!

hey mate, I tend to use the Marquis in many different ways on drums.  Sometimes just over the drum bus it sounds great.  Other times, I create a submix and run a parallel compressor over it which gives a lot of energy.  I almost always have a Marquis on my master, sometimes heavy, sometimes light and it always sounds incredible.

I also own Reason (ReWired into Cubase) and use it extensively for drums but honestly, the Reason compressors don't even begin to compare to the Marquis.  In fact, no native compressor I have heard could ever compete with the Marquis except the UAD1 compressors.  You don't have to be concerned about getting your sound squashed with the Marquis.  If I had to put it artistically, the Marquis melts the sound, it doesn't crush it.  It produces a deep sounding, glued sound.  Without it, my tracks sound detached and machanical :D

End of the day though, your best bet is to try it, if you are happy with the Reason compressors and they work well for you, they you probably don't need the Marquis.  The Marquis would be very useful if you had to compress audio tracks in Nuendo which you couldn't run through the Reason compressors anyway.  Stuff like vocals, guitars and live drums.

Best of luck with your music :)


This topic was created before release of the latest product version, and it may contain details irrelevant to this version.  Replying is disabled for this topic.