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Please Mr.  Voxengo.

I've been waiting years for a Mac alternative.

I used it in the PC based studio i used to work in before, but now in my studio at home, which is Mac based, i cant open my old tunes properly, and i still havent found anything like this to replace it with yet.

The layout seems simple enough, should be able to replace it with many things, but none really cut it.  Dont know whats inside, but it sure is something special. :)

Thanks for your interest in AU version!  Mac release is in the plans for sure, but probably won't happen soon.

You're welcome!  I hope the plans are more soon than distant though, been waiting for a while here. :)

Any closer?

I've tried every plugin out there, but nothing can replace this one.  Im on the verge to using Bootcamp on my Mac just to be able to run this thing. :D

No, we are not any closer.
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