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Hi All -

First time posting.  I love the sound of the VM but ran across something odd during an automated volume change.  I'm using SawStudio on a P4 -

3.0 gHz/1gig ram machine.  In Sawstudio, whe you automate, the program draws the volume changes with yellow vertical marks from the start of the automation to end.  I have a 2 second automation changes on a Fender Rhodes track.  When the play cursor moves across the volume change, as it hits each yellow mark an audible pop happens.  It doesn't happen when there is an automatic volume change written in.  Just over a fade from one to another.  Confused . . .

Gary Edelburg

Electric Shadow Productions

VM should not produce any pops and crackles.  Of course, if you intentially draw an abrupt volume change you'll hear a pop, but not otherwise.  Long volume changes should be smooth.

You should probably contact SawStudio support staff about this problem.

I've been on the SawStudio forum about this.  Nothing of value yet.  I replaced the VM with the UAD plugin that does the same thing.  No pops,clicks, etc.

Could you just for a while try replacing Vintage Modulator with some other Voxengo plug-in from the list: GlissEQ, Voxformer, Warmifier?

Aleksey -

I tried what you said.  No difference.  But . . .  I pulled the VM out of the Post FX patch and put it in the PreFX patch.  No pops/clicks.  Interesting!


So, are you saying that ALL these plug-ins are affected by this bug?

No . . . the only plug in making the pop is the VMod.  I also meant to say,

PreFader and PostFader on the last post.  Sorry!


OK, since those plug-ins beside VMod are working without glitches, I can make an assumption that it is SawStudio's issue.  Probably, because it can't handle latency in plug-ins properly (VMod has processing latency around 2000 samples).  As you have pointed out that in PreFader VMod does work as it should, and considering the fact that Pre/Post modes in SawStudio does not change anything in plug-in itself, this clearly a SawStudio's problem.

It can be also true that at lower latencies this problem does not show-up (like in the case of UAD plug-in).

I suggest you to contact SawStudio support with this clarification.  Given there is problem, other plug-ins like Voxengo CurveEQ, Voxengo Elephant may not work properly as well if automation is used.

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