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How about the option to choose how many operators are running (maybe 2, 4, or 8)?  With so many operators for the flanger, it makes it difficult to acheive the classic "jet" flanging or the long slow sweeps through the zero-time.

Also for the feedback control, what about range from -99% to 0 to +99%, where the negative settings will produce feedback with an inverted phase?

Nice ideas - I'll make op.count switchable from 1 to 4 (2 to 8 in mono mode).  I will also add an 'invert' switch for feedback.

Or better - I'll implement inverse feedback as you suggested: -100% to 100%.

That's great, thanks!

How is this update coming along? (Sorry to bug you!) By the way, how is the Mac porting going?  I would really be surprised if your sales didn't double once you get the plugins ready for Mac OS.

I'll post a beta very soon.  Mac porting is in the progress.  I have my hopes on the Mac market.

How about an option to adjust the offset between the sweeps in the left and right channels?  Sometimes it sounds good if they are completely in sync for more basic flanging effects.  I think some other plugins have a similar parameter called "spread".

Right now I think this won't add more control.  Currently, modulation operators work in different phases, and so they won't shift in a controllable fashion.
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