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Thanks a lot for coding this plug-in with the "tweakable" gui ..from my point of view ,it is a real break through.

By the way, two questions,one maybe you will answer easily and the second one ...I don't know...

So first is ,according to you, what is the best way to use Varisaturator compared to Warmifier?I do have a kind of an idea but I would be thankful to know your opinion as far as you are the genitor of those tools.

Second...  Sorry,sorry...  Will we have an update of Redunoise and Pristine Space though I do use them with the help of J Bridge?

With all the best.



VariSaturator can have a much stronger overdrive than Warmifier.

I'm not giving up on Redunoise and Pristine Space - they will be updated sometime in the future.

Good news.

Thanks for your fast answer.


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