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I've got a problem with VariSaturator on Mac OS X Mountain Lion.  UI isn't updated.  If I drag the window from one monitor to another I can see some updates, but the plugin can't be used normally.  Another way to see update (in Ableton Live) is close the window after entering new values and open it again.

I've tested the latest version from the site.

Is this a know issue?


Same problem here (OS X 10.8. & Logic Pro 9.1.7) - the GUI is out of order, knobs look like "disabled".  Turning them seems to work but they dont show any value etc.

Plugin Options GUI seems to be bugged too.

It seems to concern all voxengo plugins!

I'm planning to release a fix in a couple of days.

This does not apply to all Voxengo plug-ins - only to some.

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