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Forums     Plugins     VariSaturator Feature Request: A mode for 2nd and 3rd harmonics

Hi Aleksey,

Wow, it's many years since I posted here but I thought I'd try the forums instead of emailing you this time. :)

There is a growing interest for the FieldingDSP Reviver plugin.  It's basically just a saturation plugin that adds user definable amounts of purely 2nd and/or 3rd harmonics, completely alias free.

Why not add such a feature to the already excellent VariSaturator?  As far as I know, adding purely 2nd or 3rd harmonics and doing it alias free is fairly simple.  You probably even have the framework for such a thing already.  The idea here is that adding ONLY one single specific harmonic will not alter the overall tonal balance as much as multiple harmonics.  Of course in the analogue domain you never get purely 2nd harmonics or purely 3rd but that's the fun part of it.  I know the Cranesong HEDD has this capability and it's used very often.

The Reviver plugin is only available for OS-X and doesn't have any 64bit versions available so perhaps there is a good market opportunity and thus worth the time to implement?  Having this option in a plugin which can do mid/side processing would be awesome.  There are some nice stereo widening tricks by adding harmonics only to the sides.

Anyhow, thought the idea was worth mentioning.

Cheers man!


Thanks for the suggestion!
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