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somehow I find the saturation algorithm in Voxformer to deliver better results then Varisaturator.  Well, maybe I just don't know how to tweak Varisaturator right, but the one know way of Voxformer is instant gratification.  Also the presence section (with its three modes) gives quite nice saturation results - a similar thing should be added to Varisaturator (being your dedicated saturation plugin).  These days I find myself ignoring Varisaturator more and more and just stick to Voxformer, really.  This should be changed. (And, maybe, also add a setting where one can define the ratio of odd and even harmonics for the valve section)

cheers, drjee

This is unfortunately a question of taste.  Some users criticized Voxformer's saturation algorithm.  I should say that I'm thinking about new approaches to saturation, but I'm not able to seriously change existing algorithms in both VariSaturator and Voxformer in their current major version as that will obviously break the compatibility.
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