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hi aleksey..i sometimes get a runtime error (r6025=pure virtual function call) when i use varisaturator with foobar or with winamp. i did not get this with the previous version. do u think its related to varisaturator or something else..

p.s. i get this error when i change knob values by dragging my mouse. it does not happen everytime tho...and it does not happen in reaper also

winxp sp3, foobar/winamp, vst bridge, latest version of varisaturator

It can be some bug.  Could you please try Voxformer out I've released today to see if it produces a similar problem?

I mean, this problem could have been fixed already and if Voxformer does not cause this error at all, a future update to VariSaturator will most probably fix the problem, too.

ok. i'll check it out. but this problem has not occurred with tubeamp or elephant or any other plugin

OK, that's good to know since latest TubeAmp and Elephant have a similar code base to the latest Voxformer.  Probably some bug leaked at the time VariSaturator 1.6 was released.  I'm sorry for the trouble.

i have checked voxformer out and it has not occurred at all so far.

OK, thank you for checking.  Hopefully next VariSaturator update won't have this problem.

thanks for the fix...

You are welcome!
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