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Hello Aleksey,

i recently used Christian Buddes VST Plugin Analyzer to "analyze" and compare some plugins.  What i saw is, that some oversampled plugins (including voxengo plugins in oversampling mode) have lots of phase shifting going on.  I guess this is because of filters used during oversampling.  The phase response looks like that :


Other oversampled plugins (like the cpu heavy UAD ones (harrison,etc.), psp squad, hydratone), which i think sound outstandingly good, dont do this.

Does my ears/mind trick me, or could they sound better because of this ?

Sorry for mistakes, my english isnt the best.



This is a phase response to be expected when a high-quality non-linear phase oversampling is performed.  There is nothing bad about this phase response in my opinion.

But why should anyone bother for linear phase equalizers in the mastering chain when the plugin that follows turns the phase like that ?  No pun intended, just wanna know the difference.  Thx for your time.

Linear-phase EQs have its problem - pre-ringing.  So, in reality it is a matter of taste. "If it sounds good it is good".


I agree about issues with lin phase eqs.  I find that it can subtly makes things worse in my mixes (stereo mixdowns) and I would rather have a more "natural sound added"

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