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Im having an issue with the latest update for Varisaturator(1.5).One that I did not have with version 1.4.  When I open up Varisaturator there is a phase-out of alignment type of modulation that goes on.  It doesn't matter what preset I have it on, a phasey sound is occurring that skews the audio image, and this never happened using the previous version of Varisaturator.  Its most noticeable when I alter the routing to say dual mono...I can hear the distortion/saturation happening, but it almost makes it sound like a chorus effect has been added to the track as well.  Thanks in advance for any help as this problem is rendering the plugin pretty much useless for me right now.

Oh...+ I'm using Cubase SE3 on Win XP SP2

Thanks for problem report - I was able to reproduce it.  Seems like it happens only when you change the routing.  This problem goes away when you reload your project.  I will be working on resolving it.

Hi..I know youre busy but I was just wondering if any progress on resolving this issue?

Thanks, Jared

I'm still working on it, sorry for delay.

Just an update...  Well, the problem appeared to be pretty tough - still working on finding a solution.  I'm sorry for this problem.

Alright.  Thanks for update.  Looking foward to having this resolved.


Does it only apply to VariSaturator or all new plugins?

Dandruff: Does it only apply to VariSaturator or all new plugins?

Only to VariSaturator for sure - I'm fully aware of the bug now, and working on fixing it.

Hi.  Any results in resolving the issue?
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