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Forums     Plugins     VariSaturator Varisaturator (and also Marquis) causing stuttering on the masterbuss

This happens in Tracktion.  I'm pretty sure that Tracktion 3 (i'm on PC) is not exactly bug-free, but it's such a shame i can't use your fabulous plugs on the masterbuss.  Can you do something about it?

Please describe your computer system and mention audio block size you are using.

Also, does this stuttering happens when UI is open, or all the time?

What average CPU load your project shows?

I'll report more when i'm back from work.

My system is a Q6600 with 2 GB RAM.  I'm running Vista with SP1 installed.  It happens when i'm changing parameters on the GUI.

With audio block size i guess you mean buffersize?  That is pretty high when i'm mixing, around 1024 samples.

It especially happens when i have Varisaturator and Marquis after each other on the masterbus.  Starts stuttering right from the beginning and won't stop.  When i use Marquis on its own, it only happens while changing parameters and after a second or two the stuttering stops again.

Edit: I've now discovered that Varisaturator on its own causes permanent stuttering on the masterbus.  On the tracks it's fine.

Thanks for more details.

Well, it's strange that VariSaturator stutters on the masterbus only.  So, in the same project with a given CPU load you can add VariSaturator on any track and masterbus with different results?  Which Tracktion3 version are you using, BTW?

I use the latest version of T3 ( or something like that)

I think i've discovered the cause for this and it's Tracktion-related.  It happens when more than one stereo-pair is enabled on the settings-page.  I haven't verfied this yet, but i'll report back later today because i'm at work now.

OK, thanks.

That was it.  Tracktion can't cope with multiple outputs enabled and effects on the masterbus.  Sorry Aleksey, not your fault, but Mackie's in this case.

No problems!  Thanks for clarification!
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