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Alright, I'm back,

Just got the VariSaturator...Love IT!!

But I had this issues with the Warmifier

I noticed that my setups are not holding after I close the session.

On reopen, the plug in is still there but the settings are gone.

I have a work around in place.

OB Jim

Which audio host application are you using, which computer do you have?


SawStudioLite rev 4.2

P4 XPsp2

2g memory

I have to do more verifying but it looks as if it reverts back to default.

Work around is to save the settings as a preset and when I come back to the session I reload the reset.

We went through this before with the Warmifier.

OB Jim

Please check this with SawStudio developer staff - I'm pretty sure this happens inside the host - not plug-in.  To date, VariSaturator's presets work fine in all other hosts.
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