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Just to let you know that the excellent Varisaturator is making Tracktion 3 give the "VST Plugin has caused an internal error" message.

Is definately Varisaturator, sometimes when deleting it from a track or disabling/enabling it.



I will release an update which may fix this issue (I've discovered some bug that could cause problems).  Also, could you elaborate more on when this issue happens?

Sure thing, it's reproducible on my system.....

Start T3

Create new edit

Insert Varisaturator into a track

Press F repeatedly to enable/disable the plugin.

... hope this helps.



Sorry, this was in Tracktion, I updated to T3.0.4.8 and the problem is gone.


Thanks for the continued good programming and service anyway. :)



OK, thanks for more details!  Glad this has been fixed.
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